Alexa for your car?

So Amazon and Garmin partnered up to make a smaller, usb powered Alexa. The smaller Alexa is cool until you get to the nitty gritty of it. It requires your phone be in the car, “In my humble opinion” that makes it pointless, since the personal assistant (Meaning Google Assistant software of Alexa devices) is insanely inclusive about your data, the new alexa device will probably pair with your home Alexa data, but it still requires your phone. Its not standalone, which is a serious gimp. I can already press a couple button on my phone and say “Google, navigate me to somewhere” and turn off the screen, it talks to me. I can use Garmin? Is my location (based on my phone’s GPS) more accurate?

This device is not the one to get. It relies on your phone, your phone already has google, Google won’t work if you don’t have reception, neither will an Alexa in your car. The maps aren’t that different (google/Garmin). There is not enough here to justify any amount of money.

Deploy TightVNC – Multiple ways

This is intended to be done remotely, so First a batch file, then psExec, then GPO, then maybe we’ll get more clever (TightVNC *is* open source…). We just need to define the steps and understand them well.
1. Batch file




rem make a working directory, I use the same one for pretty much everything.
mkdir C:\root
rem Use powershell to download the executable. We'll name it tVncIns.msi
powershell -command "& { iwr -OutFile c:\root\tVncIns.msi}"
rem install it. We really need to add a 1st and second step in the batch file to grab a hashed password or to ask the user for input, this is iteration no. 1. I'll improve it later.


More information about install time command line switches can be found here.


So this is the post I make before I start my podcast. What do you want to hear about? Understanding the capabilities of 7zip? Image backups VS traditional sissy backups? How to facebook? Let me know in the comments. Since I wont receive any replies at the time of writing, I’ll be keeping track of replies to this post for a while. Look forward to hearing from you normies.