Deploy TightVNC – Multiple ways

This is intended to be done remotely, so First a batch file, then psExec, then GPO, then maybe we’ll get more clever (TightVNC *is* open source…). We just need to define the steps and understand them well.
1. Batch file




rem make a working directory, I use the same one for pretty much everything.
mkdir C:\root
rem Use powershell to download the executable. We'll name it tVncIns.msi
powershell -command "& { iwr -OutFile c:\root\tVncIns.msi}"
rem install it. We really need to add a 1st and second step in the batch file to grab a hashed password or to ask the user for input, this is iteration no. 1. I'll improve it later.


More information about install time command line switches can be found here.

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