Arp populating scan script

I wrote a very simple “for” loop a week or two ago to ping everything on a network and populate the arp table so I could get a list of mac addresses. I found it today and wanted to improve it a bit, I found a script by DavidPostell ,on, and used his batch script to improve mine dramatically. Basically, with the code he wrote, I was able to quickly parse out the first 3 octets of my computers IP address, and use that instead of needing to edit the batch file for every network. Feel free to use this for whatever, it was just a fun short exercise me and I thought it might be useful if you wanted to get mac addresses. It saves some of the output to a file, but deletes the file after presenting it to you, but you can add a “rem” to the line that starts out “del pscan…”, or remove the line. Why did I spend time on this is a question for another day. While this was nearly a complete waste of time, I think a neat addition to this could be to print out all the numbers, then redraw the entire screen after each success or fail, and colorize the numbers, additionally redrawing with the ip-arp mappings as well as response time across the bottom, which would give it a really ncurses-ey type feel, but also be an enormous amount of resources for something whose goal is to simply fill an arp table.  Better would be to write it out to a json file and upload it to a server so I can use it in another project I’m working on.



@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %%a in (`ipconfig ^| findstr /i "ipv4"`) do (
for /f delims^=^:^ tokens^=2 %%b in ('echo %%a') do (
for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=." %%c in ("%%b") do (
set _o1=%%c
set _o2=%%d
set _o3=%%e
set _o4=%%f
set _3octet=!_o1:~1!.!_o2!.!_o3!.
echo scanning !_3octet!1-254 
for /l %%x in (1,1,254) do (
ping -n 1 %%c.%%d.%%e.%%x |findstr Reply |findstr bytes >>pscan.bat.output.txt
echo|set /p =...%%x
arp -a >>pscan.bat.output.txt
more pscan.bat.output.txt >nul 2>&1
del pscan.bat.output.txt >nul 2>&1

Here is  a download for the batch file, it is renamed as .txt, so you will need to change that, but it should work if the formatting above is messed up.


Free technical learning resources

I’m really not sure how to organize this, lots of overlap, everywhere. These will most likely all get broken into individual posts for easier searching.
JavaScript/Web design
odin project  Free, open source based full stack training program. – Javascript, html, D3, CSS, React, Node, Git & Github, more.
Hackerbay  Work on real projects and gain skills in “full stack” development.
Youtube/Video series
Anything with Andrew Krouthamel (Networking Hardware, Firewalls)
SirNetrom1’s My Playhouse – Datacenter in the basement hijinks
Byte My Bits – Some homelab stuff
UbuntuGuy – Homelab stuff And UbuntuGuy’s other list
professormesser – Older stuff, but very high quality.
INEtraining has a paid site below.
Pascom Asterisk Playlist Well recommended playlist for Asterisk.
VMware Youtube Series
ITFreeTraining looks like it maybe needs some TLC at the time of writing
Eli the Computer Guy (lots of basics)
Not yet organized in a subgroup linux basics
Deployment Research (Windows deployment mostly)
Harvard (Not really well organized imho)
Ms TestLabs Guides

vmware more labs. (hol?)

Class Central – lots of stuff, information technology section linked

Code Academy

VMware MyLearn

Comprehensive (two or more of videos, documents, tests, forums, etc)
Professor Messer (seems outdated, but this stuff does not change *that* fast)
Cisco  learning network
Windows 10 virtual labsAnother link, and another link At the time of writing they look a bit different, will care to investigate later.
Windows MVA for PowerShell
Linux Shells (List of free shells, a few allow sudo, usually after you jump through some hoops like sending a postcard)
Amazon Offers a free year on the AWS platform with their version of linux.

IPspace has a *free* tier, looks promising
Cybrary – IT Certifications video training
Security Tube hacking/security(I think this is less maintained lately)
Free College Classes
MIT (Already filtered for IT related stuff)
Not strictly technical
You can (probably) get access to through your local public library.
Good free book sources
Redhat Technical Books (PDF’s)

Paid options… (these get surprisingly pricey, but most offer Free Trials) is gaining popularity lately, offers a free trial.
cbtnuggets is one of the most commonly recommended IT learning sites.
Linux Academy
Oreilly has one, great books, training is probably good
IPspace has a free *tier* so it got mentioned above as well.