Keyboard – BM43

This was one of the easier ones to build and I purchased most of the bits from aliexpress.

I hate the switches and I hate the bottom row layout, I find this one pretty much unusable right now, may update after I spend more time getting acquainted with it.

Keyboard finished – Nuclear Data

Nuclear data keyset from GMK, FreeBird60 deck, Gazzew Boba U4 Switches, so far I like it pretty well.

I do not love the switches, I will likely put some lighter springs in.

This was my first set of gmk keys, they took way too long toearrive. This is my current travel board for if I go to the office etc.

Securing Server 2012, 2016 Quick Links

I will be adding to this as time goes on to include basic usage instructions and more tools or methods, but these are a few links to help with setting up and locking down Server 2012/16.

Microsoft Compliance Manager – Technet – Application

NIST Server 2016 Security checklist (docs and more)

NIST Server 2012 Security Checklist (docs and more)

Microsoft Virtual Academy – AD and Server 12/16 videos

LOG-MD – (do logging better) – Tool

Active Directory docs from adSecurity