Securing Server 2012, 2016 Quick Links

I will be adding to this as time goes on to include basic usage instructions and more tools or methods, but these are a few links to help with setting up and locking down Server 2012/16.

Microsoft Compliance Manager – Technet – Application

NIST Server 2016 Security checklist (docs and more)

NIST Server 2012 Security Checklist (docs and more)

Microsoft Virtual Academy – AD and Server 12/16 videos

LOG-MD – (do logging better) – Tool

Active Directory docs from adSecurity



Net Neutrality rules repealed.

Net neutrality rules repealed. Bend over and enjoy our new internet. Instead of just choosing which channels you want, you also get to pay to visit the websites you like.

In case you don’t get it… Something like 8/10 voters wanted rules to stay in place, the other 2/10 were most likely confused about it.

Goes to show our representatives do not give one shit about us.

The FCC just repealed net neutrality. What happens next?

Image taken from, Not certain of original source.

Parrot Linux first thoughts

I recently started using Parrot Linux, I really dig the aesthetics. In particular, the shell startup scripts that give you a super pretty display. I’ll be attacking some machines on HTB with it, and will be updating this as time goes on.