Recon-NG notes

At this time this is incomplete, This is my “working” notes page When they are are useful I’ll remove this line. All commands and expected results are “to the best of my understanding”, I am not an expert, and will be improving my understanding over time.

Site –

Usage Guide –

Another guide which I found useful –

Recon-NG is a tool for finding information on the web about a target company or entity. This tool, when properly configured, can do a better job than you in less time at reconnaissance. The usage guides above are likely better resources, this is a place for my personal notes.

Basic commands

I think before doing anything else, you should understand workspaces. They are essentially containers for your projects.  These commands must be executed from the root level of recon-ng.

workspaces list
workspaces add (some name)
workspaces select (some name)
workspaces delete (some name) – if you delete “default” workspace, it automatically creates a new, empty default workspace.

Show modules – on its own shows all available modules, you can dive into them individually if you prefer by appending the group you’d like to see.
show modules discovery
show modules exploitation, or import, or recon.


API’s and Not API’s
If you really want to take advantage of recon-ng, you will most likely want to go beyond the basic non API functionalities.  See below for pricing and signup pages.

Full list… (copied and pasted from application) 
(bold means it requires an API, will link below)
(Italics means it does not require and API key)
(No formatting means I haven’t checked yet).

Getting access to API’s (in the order listed above)